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HCB Digital

About Us

About HCB Digital

Our academic disciplines are human development, child and family, social work, teacher education, leadership, and mathematics. As tenured faculty members and also as college administrators, we have launched whole programs online as well as created new community spaces for existing programs.

We have been employed by and also served as consultants for all levels of education. We have worked in private colleges as well as large state university systems. We have managed the applications for state authorization of online programs and also program approvals for new degrees. We have successfully earned ongoing regional accreditation as well as national program accreditation.

Curricula we have developed:

Workplace training

Professional association training

Teacher professional development

Paraprofessional educational courses

Undergraduate and graduate courses

High school curricula in special topics

Community-based professional development

HCB Digital is…

Darlene Hunter, Ph.D.

Lillian Chenoweth, Ph.D.

Mary Bold, Ph.D.